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Generate reports that are compliant with ASC 842 standards.

We take lease administration and location management   off your plate.

Receive notifications for upcoming lease renewals.

Access information from service and maintenance contracts in less than 5 seconds.

Share controlled access to lease and location information with your team.

Tenants maximize revenue, gain more free time, grow faster, and streamline operations by tracking every business-critical event in one place.

Leasecake is the most
user-friendly and cost-effective 
lease management software 
on the market

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The commercial real estate deck is stacked in favor of landlords. But Leasecake gives multi-unit tenants the edge with lease and location management software that provides notifications and easy access to information about lease portfolios.

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"Keeping track of 80 tenants in a massive spreadsheet is a recipe for disaster. With all the manual updating, there is too much margin for error. Leasecake frees up valuable hours I can use to focus on the business."

Andrea Hardee,
Harkins Commercial Real Estate

What our customers are saying

“There's no more shuffling through Dropbox folders or boxes in the office when we need information about any of our locations. And best of all — it’s simple to use.”

Glenn Levins,
The Phoenix Organization